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old generation by besavampiresa

First of all, I life** this piece!!x3 I love how you have all of them together--it makes me happy inside!xD anywho, i will begin^^ Okay...

The Land Of The Tiger.... Art Work by arihoff
by arihoff

Okay, so I'm new to this, so please pardon me!xD For starters, There overall body is extremely* well done! The stripes are very nicely ...



I slowly drifted off to sleep.
I dreamt I was a bird. Pale brown wings fluttered by my sides. I gently pushed them down, then up again. The glittering sea flickered by down below. Wind swept around me, dancing with me. Sunshine warmed my back. The rushing of the air and the song of a wolf were the only noises. I banked left, towards green. A cry went up above me, and I looked up. A peregrine falcon was framed in the sun, its silhouette stark against the light. It dove, and leveled out beside me. We looked at each other as we flew for a few moments. I saw something it its eyes, familiar and daunting. A flicker of the same wary recognition I felt went through the falcon’s gaze. We studied each other.
Then a hawk’s scree escaped my throat, echoed by the falcon’s cry. The feathered hunter dove downward and away, and I stooped to the treetop level, skimming the canopy. Chitters and hoots and growls and howls resonated upward through the leaves.
I flew silently, wings beating at a consistent rate. I followed the slope of the forest up, and over a ridge. The trees opened to a vast valley. Flowers and trees of all colors and shapes filled the view. There was a mist over the basin, and the sun was on the horizon, rising slowly. I banked in a circle, confused, and saw that, yes, the sun was still over the ocean, but it was faint, and fading. The whole of that side of the world seemed to be dissolving into nothing. It spun to the side as I made my complete circle. The mist and sunrise and wild unknown stretched before, solidly and tangibly.
I swooped down to one of the near trees of the valley, a vivid thing with violet flowers and small, pale orange fruits hanging from the branches. I fluttered over a branch, and landed. The branch swayed under my weight as I shook out my wings and pulled them back in to my sides.
A deep breath escaped me. I relaxed in this newfound paradise. A birdsong swelled all around, with harmonies of roars and howls. One voice rose above the rest.
I strained to decipher it, recognizing the language of song. Closing my eyes, everything started to fade away, instead of sharpening. Panicking, I flung my eyes open, but it was already gone.

My eyes opened to an all too familiar scene, and to see it anew from the outside made my heart ache. Five years ago, kneeling on the floor, with photographs scattered all around, was a girl. Was this girl. Was now. The girl was mourning the loss of a dearly loved boy. She clutched a scarf to her chest, and I remembered the woolen texture of the green fabric against my cheek. The false light of her lamp shone off the tears streaming down her face, so twisted in silent misery. She rocked back and forth on her heels, clutching the scarf and scanning the pictures, over and over again.
Again and again, over and over, her blurred gaze franticly jumped from his face to their faces, from memory to memory, trying to hear his vivid laugh. Trying to feel his gentle touch.
I felt the deep pain trigger in me. Memories long buried and guilts long rested burned forth, all at the sight of this broken, broken creature, huddled around the last pieces of the boy she was supposed to spend he rest of her life with. Grasping at the memories as though grabbing them would bring him back.
I carefully walked to her.
“Kallie,” I whispered.
She shuddered and flipped around, searching the shadows through clouded eyes. “Shane?” Her sobs became quieter. “Shane?” Her eyes were bright and wide. Hope filled her features. Oh, the damned thing. That damned hope.
“Oh, Kallie,” Soft tears slid down my cheeks and a knelt down beside her.
She flinched and sobbed loudly. His name escaped her one last time in a deep moan, low in her chest. She shuddered and shook as I took her into my arms. I held her close, stroking her head. I was not surprised to feel the feathers. There were feathers wound in small braids in the underside of her hair, and I remembered the boy’s eyes, green and charming as he laughed.
Feathers? They suit you. My featherine girl. My featherine Kallie.
No one called her Kallie but him. He was the only one who ever called her that, and only when it was just them, like it was their little secret.
Her sobs were deep and gasping as she clutched my arms.
She would sign her name Kallie for months after, to everyone’s’ confusion. She would wear the feathers he’d given her tucked in her hair. She would cry, oh how she would cry, long into the night, night after night after night, for the piece of her soul she’d lost. For the piece of her heart she’d buried in that cold October ground. For the future ripped so brutally ripped from her. For the bright light the world lost. For the death. For the loss. For his pain.
“You’ll make it Kal,” I whispered into her hair, “You can’t tell now, but you are going to make it. He’ll always be with you, but Shane is where he needs to be. He went home. But he’ll never leave you, oh never, darling. He’s with you always. You’re strong. You’re brave. You’re going to survive.”
She pulled away from me just enough to look me in the eyes. The vertigo that assaulted me then, staring into the eyes of the broken soul of my past self, and her staring back at me, was like none I’ve ever known.
“Will I ever see him again?” she whimpered.
I cupped her cheek in my hand. “Kalyssa Everly Mako, you will see him everywhere. You will see him in every blade of grass, in every bird, in every cloud in the sky. You will see him in his family. You will see him in the crackle of flame, in the crash of seas. You will see him in yourself. But one day, you’ll go home, too, and you will see him and he will be strong, and healthy, and full of joy. You will always see him, Kallie. And he is always seeing you.”
She sighed, the tension draining from her body. She curled up in my arms more comfortably and closed her eyes.
She drifted to sleep, and I drifted awake.
Distance to the Sky 2
Yaya for another excerpt!Like the last, it's not finished, and doesn't have a full piece to call home yetGrr.  Sad life. Anywho, still working on my story, and here's just a bit that I wanted to work with^^ Again, critique/advice/feedback welcomed!!!

All characters and everything associated with The Distance of the Sky belong to me
“I wish I could dance. I wish my bones…well, you know,” he laughed a mirthless laugh and shook his head with a heavy sigh.  “I just wish things could be different sometimes, is all. Do you ever feel that way? About anything?”
He looked at me then, searchingly, desperately. I met his gaze for a few moments, then looked back ahead. His vulnerability was bleak and frightening. My heart ached for him, for his sorrow. For his constant pain. I had an answer, I had several answers. Memories and pain struck me breathless for a moment, only to be followed by longing. Flashes and faces, feathers and fear. Oh yes, I had several answers, but I didn’t want him to know. I didn’t want to tell. So instead I stared at the landscape before us.
Endless green grass stretched before me, waving gently in the wind. My hair fluttered around me, brown wisps trying to escape my hold. I inhaled deeply, taking in the scents of the wind and earth and water with freshly closed eyes. Bright sunlight warmed my face and heart.
“All my life, I have wanted to fly,” I said, my eyes still closed, “I could feel that I was meant to; it seems so right—to just open wings and let the wind pick you up…” I trailed off with a sigh. Glancing over to my companion, I found him staring at me. Blue eyes searched my charcoal ones thoughtfully.
“What?” I asked warily. He stared at me a moment longer.
“Go on,” he nodded to me. My cheeks burned in my foolishness and I looked down. “No, I’m serious!” Chase nodded enthusiastically. I looked at him for signs of mockery; finding none, I hesitantly obliged.
“It’s like, I’ll be outside, driving around, or just walking, and I’ll see a bird. And it just…it just jolts me.” I laid back with a thump and looked up, “It’s like, I can’t move or breathe or speak, all I can do is stare at this creature that so easily does what I cannot, what I can only dream. And I do—dream about it, that is. It just feels like I was meant to fly. I feel half a person, like the other part of me is up there,” I watched the wispy clouds. “On days like these, it feels like the sky is just right here,” I reached up longingly. “It’s like it’s just within reach and all I have to do is stretch out, grab a cloud, pull myself up, and let the wind do the rest. The wind will make me whole.”
My eyes fluttered closed with a soft smile as my hand dropped back to my stomach lightly. I shook my head with a laugh. My eyes opened again to the sky so bright. There were small songbirds dancing in the breeze.
“It’s moments like these, where the sky is just right there, that I feel at peace, with myself and my world. Well,” I paused, looking over to him, “One of the times. You keep me together. You keep me here, now. You keep me from the war; you keep me in the peace, just by being there. Just by being by my side.”
He smiled at me and I felt my heart thump painfully. A swell of love and joy filled me. I smiled back, consumed with the tangibility of forever. His eyes were soft and warm.
I sat up. He took my hand and I laid my head on his shoulder. And we just sat there, two longing people in the world, side by side, watching the grass wave gently and the songbirds soar and dance. We sat there, two found people in the world, together, soaking up the peace in our little corner of forever.
Distance to the Sky 1
Yeah so, I'm writing a book^^ It's called Distance to the Sky, and I have a few excerpt ideas (this being one of them. Just going to put a few feelers out there with what I've got. Any feedback and critique is welcome and asked for!! It's still in early stages, and I am going to go back through and detail it and whatnot. This is just the skeleton for the scene. Any who...any thoughts?

All characters and everything associated with The Distance of the Sky belong to me
I detest free verse poems.
I loathe the lack of structure.
I despise being devoid of standards.

And yet I cannot bring myself to try to match the things I am feeling to the rhythmic march—

I bleed words on a page like I bleed acrylics across a canvas.
Like a musician bleeds notes into the empty air.
Like a professor bleeds knowledge into eager minds.
Like a drunkard bleeds broken bottles in his unsteady wake.
Like a broken heart bleeds onto a surgeon’s table.

I bleed words on a page like the tears bleed from the bereft woman’s empty eyes.

I bleed words on a page like a lion’s roar bleeds over the Savannah. Like the dawn bleeds into the night's loving embrace.

I bleed words on a page like a broken doll bleeds shattered porcelain pieces across the misbegotten floor.

I bleed. I bleed words like they may actually make a difference. I bleed words like could actually help someone. Maybe me. Maybe someone else. Maybe no one. Maybe I bleed my words just to see what colors actually lay inside of me. Is any of that enough?

Maybe. Maybe not.
Everyone bleeds. Everyone has their own darling Free Verse Heart
Free Verse
Just a little thing I scribbled a few weeks ago, might expand on it later. Not sure yet.xD
Ahnleh by WolfWindWaters227
Yay again for redos!xD  Redo of my earlier drawing of Amelia Atwater-Rhodes' character Hai ( wolfwindwaters227.deviantart.c… ). Rather proud of her^^ Hope you all enjoy(:

(Uncolored version here: wolfwindwaters227.deviantart.c… )
Nesera by WolfWindWaters227
Did this this past summer, forgot to post.xD This is my redo of my Hai Cobriana Shm'Ahnmik ( wolfwindwaters227.deviantart.c… ) and I was rather happy with it^^ I am a little meh on her pose (especially her arms.XD) but anyway, here is my darling little Hai from Amelia Atwater-Rhodes' books Kiesha'ra (:

(Colored version here: wolfwindwaters227.deviantart.c… )


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Hey guys! i just wanted to inform you that I am* alive--I have just been freakishly busy!xD I am slowly getting back onto DA--so expect a spam!xD Its so good to be back! I have missed you guys!!(:
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